Sanjay Dutt wants ‘Bhoomi’ release date to change


Sanjay Dutt is known for his large heartedness. No surprises then that the star who makes his comeback with Bhushan Kumar & Sandeep Singh’s ‘Bhoomi’ wants the release date to be changed. The reason for Sanjay’s insistence is that he doesn’t want Bhoomi to clash with good friend Aamir Khan’s next project.

Sanjay Dutt says, “I know the kind of hard work and effort that goes into making a film. I believe, after all the work being put in, it can’t be reduced to a clash at the box office. Aamir is a dear friend and I wouldn’t want my comeback film to be pitted against his. In this industry, we should all make an effort to help each other.”

‘Bhoomi’ was slated to hit theatres on August 4. Sanjay Dutt has requested his film’s producers Bhushan Kumar & Sandeep Singh to change the film’s release date. The final decision will be taken by T-Series and Legend Studios.

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