Shah Rukh Khan Schools A Troll


Shah Rukh Khan was in a good mood on Wednesday with his daughter’s debut movie, ‘The Archies’ which is up for release on OTT. His much anticipated ‘Dunki’ is also getting ready for a theatrical arrival later this month. However, when a user tried to mock the actor on X, he refused to take it lying down. Commenting on ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’, a user wrote, “Due to your highly effective and efficient PR team, last two sh*t movies of yours became a blockbuster… do you still have faith in your PR and marketing team that ‘Dunki’ will also become a hit and will be another golden sh*t from Bollywood? #AskSrk.” Calmly replying to the troll, Shah Rukh wrote, “Normally I don’t answer amazingly intelligent people like you. But in your case, I am making an exception because I feel you need to be treated for constipation. Will tell my PR team to send you some golden medicines… hope you recover soon.”