‘Simran’ Movie Review


Hansal Mehta wants to do a Queen.

Okay, there is no better way to put this. This film is a showreel by Hansal Mehta on how good an actress Kangana Ranaut is. Unfortunately, it is a very poor one.

Based on a real life thief, the film is so obsessed with itself, that it loses its focus on what was the original intent behind the film; because Queen had some fantastic screenplay and performances, not to mention great direction too.  Somehow in all its attempt to show how Kangana can act, the writers forgot to write; dialogues and characterisations.

So Kangana’s inconsistent accent, too many cinematic liberties in the plot make the film seem too frivolous towards the end.

Where the film suffers besides it poor writing, clunky editing and faulty screenplay, is a lack of a strong supporting cast. Which was there in Queen. So besides a decent Soham Shah, playing a half baked boyfriend, there is not a single performance worth mentioning. The parents are over the top, the Americans are caricatures and the poor cops, buffoons. I mean how much of Kangana can you watch, and she is there in every scene.

No doubt, Kangana is a brilliant actress and she gives in her soul for this role, but eventually she is let down by a very poor script.

Go only if you want to indulge in your Kangana fandom, else you can skip this one.

RATING:  1/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala