Smiling was Anil Kapoor’ s biggest Hichki!


Anil Kapoor is one of the most popular icons of Hindi cinema with incredible body is work. But when he had begun his acting career, he also faced a huge Hichki! Anil couldn’t quite smile in front of camera to his satisfaction – because of his Hichki. The makers of Rani Mukerji’s Hichki are promoting the film uniquely by asking prominent personalities to share their untold weaknesses and how they eventually converted them into massive strengths and Anil opened up on his.

Anil reveals, “When I began my career I was told that my eyes are quite small and they looked even smaller when I smiled. That made me conscious about smiling. I would never smile openly, and I would suppress my natural smile. But then I overcame this Hichki. I began to stop worrying that my eyes would look small, and I worked on my smile. Now, each time I smile, I do so freely, having overcome my Hichki.”

Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma, Hichki is set to touch the hearts of audiences when it releases on March 23.