Sonnalli on Animal Cruelty

Sonnali Seygall Addresses ‘The Elephant In The Room’

We all are outraged about what happened on the pregnant elephant, and rightly so. But we were also angry and vocal about the dog in Mumbai, Dolphins in Kolkata, the elephant with fire crackers on tail and numerous other incidents. We raged, we voiced our opinions, and then moved on. In the meantime, animals continue to face cruelty in various forms. Many will even try to justify these incidents by calling them ‘an isolated case’, ‘self defense’ and even ‘ways to protect livelihood’. It’s time we ‘be the change’. Let’s start at the grassroot level, feed a stray, give them shelter from the rain, stop anyone who tries to hurt them. That might just be more useful than what we have been doing.
The laws are better than they were even few years ago, but the execution of them needs to be better as well.
In the meantime, let’s hope and try another mute does not suffer in the hands of us “humans” , some of whom, have nothing human about them…