Sonu Sood Covid Patients

Sonu Sood Heartbroken About Covid Patients

Sonu Sood has come as a real-life saviour to many affected victims of Covid-19 and the pandemic. The actor is going all out to help citizens who are impacted in more ways than one. From taking care of their travel, to giving them work, food and even supplying medicines and oxygen, Sonu has become a hero for many. But even this actor / humanitarian feels helpless losing patients battling Covid-19. In one of his latest post, Sonu wrote, “Losing a patient you have been trying to save is nothing less than losing your own. It is so hard to face the family whose loved one you had promised to save. Today I lost a few. The families you were in touch with at-least 10 times a day will lose touch forever. I feel helpless.” The actor is earning constant praise on social media as he is going out of the way for the last one year to help the underprivileged.