Sui Dhaaga time for Anushka Sharma!


The acclaimed actress starts prepping for her next with Varun Dhawan as she starts workshops to learn the craft of embroidery

Anushka Sharma is no stranger to taking up roles that are challenging and exciting at the same time. In Sui Dhaaga, Anushka will be seen transforming herself again to play the role of a self-reliant embroiderer and she has already started workshops to perfect her character before she starts filming. Anushka is paired with Varun Dhawan for the first time and this fresh pairing is certainly the most exciting one of 2018!

Producer Maneesh Sharma says, “We wanted someone who could effortlessly transform herself into a character who is intelligent, strong and expressive even in her silence. Anushka brings in the authenticity and resilient spirit as a performer and a star. Today, movie-goers want to discover and love characters that they connect with. They want to identify themselves with the story and see how convincingly and truthfully actors translate it.”

“I was surprised how quickly Anushka picked up the craft of embroidery. When I saw stuff she has embroidered, I thought someone has helped her. Later I found out that her preparation is not just limited to the workshop space, she is taking material home to get better at the craft. The finishing touches is the thing that gives away that you are not trained at the craft but she realized that much before I could bring it up. It feels great to see actors taking interest in things beyond what the film requires”, says director Sharat Katariya.

Sui Dhaaga, a film inspired from the visionary nation-building thought – Make in India, also stars superstar Varun Dhawan. This is the first time Varun and Anushka have been paired together, making audiences hugely anticipate this fresh pairing. The film also reunites the National Film Award winning team of producer Maneesh Sharma and director Sharat Katariya. Sui Dhaaga – Made in India is set to release on September 28, 2018.