Vidya Balan On Weight Struggles


Bollywood celebrities are busy attending the International Film Festival of India which is popularly known as IFFI in Goa. In its 54th year, the festival is making all sorts of noises right from Shahid Kapoor’s fall while dancing on the stage to Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones attending the prestigious event with their son Dylan a couple of days back. Vidya Balan too is in the city of sun, sand and the sea, making her presence felt. Talking about how she felt with her struggles all these years, Vidya said, “My size has never mattered to me when I face the camera. I love the camera so much, I trust it so much, that I believe that it will always love me back. If you have put on weight, you feel like you are undesirable and unworthy. But if you shed, you suddenly feel like you deserve a little more in life. Your body must be honored at all costs. I also learnt this very important lesson a few years ago because I have had my struggles.” The week-long IFFI ended today with the closing ceremony hosted by Ayushmann Khurrana.