‘Yaara Silly Silly’ Music Review


The music of upcoming romantic venture ‘Yaara Silly Silly’ starring Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chatterjee has been composed by Ankit Tiwari and has a good blend of experienced and new talent coming across in the album.

The main attraction of the soundtrack is the song ‘Sathia’ which dominates the seven-song album with three different versions. The duet sung by newcomer Mehak Suri and Ankit Tiwari definitely makes the romantics fall in love with its energetic yet smooth composition. Mehak has also sung an unplugged version of the number which has been composed by ‘Suraj Hua Madham’ fame Sandesh Shandiliya while Ankit has also sung a solo version of the song. All the three versions despite being the same track carry a certain kind of diverse flavour within the songs.

‘Behki’ is another romantic song from newbie singer Mehak Suri, a duet with Shadaab Hussain. Despite the song being soft in vocals, the background music is very strong –the contrast of this brings alive one of the best tracks of the album.

Ankit Tiwari is generally known for his love or tragic songs but with ‘Yun Hai’ he definitely breaks out of his comfort zone. The song feels like a song from the bygone era or cabaret culture and songs like ‘Aaiye Meherban’ or ‘Dil Ko Hazaar Baar Toka’ are definitely going to come in your mind, which is a compliment for the song. Popular artist displays Neeti Mohan displays her strong vocals amid the Latin-style composition.

Singer of intense songs such as ‘Duaa’, Nandini Srikar has rendered ‘Tuk Tuk’ which is an energetic and ‘desi’ song with use of lot of Indian instruments. The song has a ‘mujra’ kind of feel which is again another brave experiment from Ankit.

The album also features a mashup of all the songs which has also been done by Ankit. The lyrics of all the songs have been penned by Sandeep Nath who has written the lyrics of ‘Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu’ and has done a good job in using the right words to capture the humorous and romantic moments in the film aptly.

So overall, the album of ‘Yaara Silly Silly’ composed by Ankit Tiwari is a brilliant blend of romantic tracks, retro-style number , a ‘desi tadka’ kind of song and a remixed mashup all of which sounds good to the ear due to the efforts of the singers and is definitely more than a one-time listen.

“Yaara Silly Silly” directed by Subhash Sehgal, is jointly produced by Reena Bhushan Suri and Neena Subhash Sehgal under the banner “Movee Dreems”.

The Film is scheduled to hit the screens on 6th November.

JukeBox Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2dQAvKd3bw