2 BAND RADIO World Premiere at UK Asian Film Festival


Rahat Kazmi and his group has garnered respect and found a niche among the international audience with their films like Identity Card, Mantostaan and Lihaaf. Now, Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan Production and Zeba Sajid Films come together again to produce a unique satirical feature film. 2 Band Radio, a film set in the 1970’s, is written by Rahat Kazmi and Kunwar Shakti Singh and directed by debutante Saki Shah.

The film is set in a Himalayan village where people have never seen a radio and how the journey of the first radio in the village becomes the reason for a big mess. Actor Pradhuman Singh of Tere Bin Laden fame, shall be seen in the main lead in this film with NSD’s senior actress Neelu Dogra, Miss India Tourism-Supermodel Sneha Jagiasi as the female lead and UK based actor Jitendra Rai, while Rahat Kazmi, Ritu Rajput, Zahid Qureshi, Tariq Khan, Hussain Khan and Pankaj Kanta will be seen in supporting roles.”The film is relevant in today’s times because it is about greed and how it leads to frustration and depression,” says director Saki Shah.

The cast and crew of 2 Band Radio are excited about their first successful milestone, that is, their film’s selection in the prestigious UK Asian Film Festival, and are gearing up for their trip to London to attend the World Premiere of ‘2 Band Radio’. The film is set for a commercial release later this year.