Alia Bhatt gets matured

After being made the butt of all jokes all the time, Alia Bhatt now seems to have matured for her own good. Instead of feeling bad and brooding over it, Alia is taking it all in her stride and in fact, even considers this as an opportunity to gain more publicity out of it. On asking why she gets agitated when media asks her questions on general knowledge while on some shows she pulls a fast one on herself, Alia said, “I have never been irritated, I always reply with a smile. But you guys have been going on asking me the same thing for over a year now. So to tell you frankly, now I have got bored, but certainly not agitated. In fact, these jokes have helped me gain more publicity and popularity. They are being circulated as far and wide as till Singapore.” Subtle signs of being matured staying in public life.