Farah Ali Khan Covid19

Farah Khan Ali Tests Negative for Coronavirus


Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali is breathing a sigh of relief. A member of Farah’s staff at home tested positive for Covid-19 and the entire family has been worried since. As a safety precaution, all family members including Farah herself, got tested despite having no symptoms. Farah’s test results came in late last night and thankfully, were negative. “You know what was the best feeling more than testing negative for Covid-19? It was the relieved faces of my children and in-house staff who live with me since more than 10 years. That was priceless,” says Farah sounding relieved. The Bollywood celebrity though has decided to self-quarantine for safety reasons. “I will be quarantined until 29th April 2020 even though I tested negative. Be safe. Be home. This too shall pass,” she adds.