Janhvi Kapoor Hails Shikhar Paharia


Janhvi Kapoor inadvertently ended up confessing that she is dating Shikhar Paharia. And not the one to let it slip, Karan Johar probed Janhvi, “You have had an interesting path of love. You were dating Shikhar, and then you dated someone else, and now you are dating Shikhar again. True or False?” on his talk show. Without answering it directly, the actress quipped, “Have you heard that song, ‘Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja’? Shikhar used to sing that to me a lot.” Refusing to admit their romance, Janhvi further added, “I won’t say that. But I will say this, not just for me, but for her (Khushi), for dad and everyone in our family, he has been there as a friend from the beginning. Not in a way that made me feel like he is expecting anything or he is a pushover or any of those things. He was just there in a very selfless, dignified way. In a way that I have not seen many men capable of being there for another human being.”