Ranbir Alia Wedding

Ranbir And Alia Bhatt 2021 Wedding?


Ranbir Kapoor finally spilled the beans on one of the most deliberated issues in his life, marriage! Although Ranbir and Alia Bhatt may not have publicly accepted their relationship but the couple’s chemistry says it all whenever the two make an appearance together. Now the hero has finally accepted that not only are they in love, but are also contemplating a wedding soon. In a video interview to senior journalist Rajeev Masand, Ranbir accepted that Alia is his girlfriend and if the pandemic hadn’t hit the world, they would have been perhaps married by now! This has made the entire entertainment industry go into a tizzy and Ranbir and Alia’s fans are rejoicing to no end. It is now being said that the two are ready to marry in 2021.