Rangoli and Hrithik

Rangoli accuses Hrithik Roshan on Twitter


Rangoli Chandel took Twitter by storm yesterday when she shared a picture with Hrithik Roshan holding her from behind for a shutterbug. She wrote, “‘Yeh dekho Pappuji. Sara din mujhe impress karne mein laga rehta tha taki meri behen ki good books mein aa jaye. Aur aaj kehta hai hum aapke hain kaun’.” Translated in English, it loosely means, “Look at this man. He used to try and impress me every day to be in my sister’s good books. And now he says do we even know each other?” Rangoli’s sister Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik were said to be in a relationship till the time things fell apart. Both the stars accused each other in public where Hrithik saying nothing had happened and Kangana claiming just the opposite.