Shahid Yoddha

Shahid Still Part Of ‘Yoddha’


The rumours of Shahid Kapoor dropping out of Karan Johar’s ‘Yoddha’ were at their peak last year. While Dharma Productions is backing the film as producers, Shashank Khaitan is the man behind the camera. And the director realizes that it is a tough task to carry a biggie like ‘Yoddha’ on his shoulders at such times, when many countries are still under lockdown. Reports suggest that this is the reason for the film still not taking off and not Shahid’s exit from it. Shahid, it is said, is very much a part of the film as of now. The actor had wound up the ‘Jersey’ Hindi remake and allotted the dates to his web debut instead of starting with ‘Yoddha’. Thanks to this, tongues started wagging that there were creative differences between Shahid and Karan and hence the former quit the film before they could begin.