Sweet surprise for Nora Fatehi in Morocco!


Riding high on the success of her latest single, Pepeta, Nora Fatehi was pleasantly surprised by the sweet gesture of her fans in her hometown, Morocco recently.

Interestingly, Nora was taken in for a huge surprise when her hotel authorities in Morocco got a special cake for her, celebrating the humongous success of her songs – Saki Saki that garnered more than ‘240 million views’

Nora was quite excited and overwhelmed with the sweet gesture of the Moroccon people (hotel authorities) who feel too proud of her achievements and arranged for a special cake with ‘240 million views’ imprinted on it to celebrate Saki Saki and Pepeta which have become huge hits in Morocco.

The gorgeous performer’s latest single Pepeta has been appreciated by the music buffs, especially with the teaser and the song trending worldwide, clocking millions of views.

Such has been the humongous craze of Pepeta among the audience worldwide (especially her ardent fans) that Nora has been receiving huge compliments for the song from her own people in Morocco who couldn’t stop raving about her marvelous performance in the song that she has also produced and sung.

Knowing that the flawless beauty was in their country, her fans thronged in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of their favourite star. Nora not just interacted with them but also clicked selfies with them.