Usha Uthup Wants Vidya Balan For Biopic


There’s no denying that Vidya Balan is a versatile actress. She has proved her merit in films like Kahaani, The Dirty Picture and Shakuntala Devi. No wonder then, when at a Usha Uthup show she was asked who should play her part if a biopic was to be made, the crowd cheered for Vidya Balan. “It was a fun night with great music sung live by Usha Uthup. It would be interesting to witness a biographical documentation of her life, so when she asked who could play her part most aptly on screen, everyone in the crowd unanimously cheered for Vidya Balan. Given her talent and prowess, she can portray any role with utmost ease and perfection. Even Usha Uthup agreed to the opinion and expressed her excitement for Vidya Balan to portray her life on screen if ever an opportunity arises.”, said a source.