Sonu Nigam

​Sonu Nigam quits Twitter!


Sonu Nigam is back in the limelight as he announced his decision to quit social networking site Twitter, after being a user for almost eight years. Sonu Nigam was first seen active on Twitter in July 2009. The popular singer shared not less than 24, strongly worded posts, explaining his move to leave the microblogging site. He even called some of the Tweets as porn show in theaters. The microblogging site, Sonu thinks, has become more abusive than being used for the right reason. Interestingly, he shared his views after Twitter suspended another singer, Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account as several social media users referred to his posts on women as offensive. Sonu was in the eye of the storm a while back when he had Tweeted against using the loudspeaker for Azaan (call for Muslim prayers), which hurt the religious sentiments of many.