Kenny Sabastian Review

Kenny Sabastian TMIPITR Comedy Special Review


Ever wonder what’s the toughest form of film-making?! It’s not horror… not drama… not thriller… it’s comedy!. As trivial as it may sound, writing a comedy script is a tough task. Moreover, performing a comedy script as a stand-up comedian is bloody tough! Kenny Sebastian has done a fabulous job in his latest comedy special.
‘The Most Interesting Person in the Room’ is a one-hour Netflix comedy special which covers everything ‘Kenny’ – from his school day struggles at Kendra Vidyalaya to him growing up to be a 5’8” gentleman. The joke which really stood out was when he was forced to play the harmonium instead of the guitar in school. It really makes you appreciate Kenny’s imagination and his ability to find comedy in places that one could never imagine. Another impressive joke was the direct relationship between a comedian’s self-worth and people laughing at their joke.
Every comedian is known to have a different style and in this special, Kenny touches upon various genres of comedy – observational, surreal, and anecdotal. What I like about this comedy special is that unlike many other comedians, Kenny’s jokes don’t rely on current affairs or the use strong language. Rather, it’s his own simple approach and outlook on life. If there was one thing that I wish he would do differently, it’s stepping out of his comfort zone to play a character he hasn’t played before.
As a performing artist, I know how difficult and challenging it is to constantly come up with new material, so full marks to Kenny for keeping it fresh every time. While watching the show, take a moment to appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into writing and performing comedy. If you do, I guarantee you will appreciate this and other stand-up comedy shows a lot more. Also, this special is good clean fun the whole family can enjoy. Even though he refrains from using bad language, some situations might not be suitable for very young kids.

Reviewed by Puneet Ruparel