Madhuri Dixit biopic a rumor

There was news some time back that Madhuri Dixit Nene will soon have a biopic, to be shot on her life’s ups and downs. The report spread like wildfire and even reached the doorstep of the 52-year-old. Striking this down as just a mere piece of gossip, Madhuri Dixit now terms it as the ‘biggest rumor ever’. Though a biopic on Madhuri may not be less than a treat to watch. Her life has not been less controversial. From allegedly dating Sanjay Dutt to flying off to the US after dwindling career in Bollywood, and returning to India for good, she has been there and done that. Her fallout with manager Rakesh Nath aka Rikku, or even known as Rikku Rakesh Nath, also created a stir after she came back to India. Despite all of this, an official biopic of Mads is nowhere in the making.