Vinay Anand overwhelmed over “Vinay Anand Worldwide win” album success!


Now a day Vinay Anand celebrating a success of his debut Pop Album “Vinay Anand Worldwide win” staring him and his brother Krishna Abhishek. Vinay Anand has surpassed expectation from his album. Having achieved massive success with his first album Vinay is planning for his second album.

Speaking on this achievement Vinay Anand said, “I have always felt pressured. But it is not an external one that people put on me, rather it is a pressure that I put on myself. I like to outdo myself with something better. I always knew “Vinay Anand Worldwide win” is a really good but this kind of overwhelming response is totally unexpected”.

What’s surprising is that everything about the video — right from the locales, shots, lyrics, dance steps — seems amateurish. The album directed by his wife Jyoti Vinay Anand who is also Tamil star Simran’s sister.